5 Festive Drinks Ideas You Need This 4th of July

There’s no better time for celebratory eating and drinking than good ole’ Independence Day. It’s one of the many times Americans come together to honor our country using burgers and beers. With the summer heat beaming and the grill cooking up those BBQ staples, it’s important to stay cool and refreshed. From alcohol infused popsicles to summer sangria, we’ve got you covered this Fourth of July.



Frosé (frozen Rosé) has undoubtedly become the drink to have Summer ’17. It gained popularity through social media platforms like Instagram and is stirring up quite the frenzy on the internet. Frosé is basically Rosé wine that’s been slushed through a process of freezing, adding sugar, lemons and whatever fruit you’d like. Keep your guests cool with this fun drink! You can find my favorite recipe here.


Frosé popsicles

Photo by Chelsea Kyle

Okay, you caught me. I’m kind of obsessed with Frosé, too. But how could you not be? It’s like being a child all over again, except adding alcohol.

Frosé popsicles are a fun way to beat the heat and catch a buzz. If you want to be a little more creative with your Frosé, Epicurious has the recipe for the ones featured above.


Skittle Infused Vodka

Photo from hollyshelpings.com


This one is probably the oldest trick in the book, but Holly’s Helpings came up with a fun party favor idea. Instead of a bigger bottle of Absolut to share with your friends, you can infused personal shot bottles which usually retail for $1-2, and infuse them with skittles to achieve fun, festive and colorful drinks to pass around. To keep with the theme, you can just use red and blue skittles, but feel free to customize to your likability. Get the recipe from Holly here.


Lychee Martini

Photo by Gotham Foodie

This drink is for the classy girl (or boy) in the room. It’s a no frills type of drink, but your friends will thank you. Lychee martini’s are super refreshing and can keep you cool and energized during your fun festivities. Gotham Foodie has a recipe I live for featured on her #DrinkOfTheWeek, and you can get that here.

Summer Sangria


Let’s face it: we all knew this list wouldn’t be complete without Sangria. This isn’t your regular white wine Sangria, though. This is all about Cava Sangria. Cava is a white sparkling wine that is light, refreshing and perfect for hot summer days when you’ll be kicking your feet up on your patio table. It’s also absolutely freakin’ delicious.

Get the recipe for this amazing Summer Sangria here.


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