Instagram Ice Cream Face Off

Okay, it’s no secret. New York summers are hot. I’ve spent every summer of my adult life working like a madwoman too often to ever enjoy the thrills of summer in NYC. Once the weather starting warming up in April, I vowed I’d make sure I spent this one doing fun things that I normally wouldn’t do.

Ever since my mother started running her food blog Gotham Foodie, she’s been adamant on making sure she brings me along for the good stuff. Last week we had the pleasure of eating ice cream at two new places that have gained internet fame for being #foodporn goals on Instagram. Usually, you can just shove a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked in front of me and that’ll be good enough, but these places changed my palette for ice cream forever.


Chikalicious Dessert Bar

Photo by @chromatic.caroline


Chikalicious is known for their dessert bar where you get a 3 course dessert and the chefs prepare everything right in front of you. There’s also a nice selection of dessert wines to choose from. But that wasn’t what I came for. I came to conquer the S’mores Ice Cream Churro Cone that I saw on my Instagram feed at least once a day. The dessert bar itself, which is located on East 10th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue, isn’t home to the heavenly cone you see above. Chikalicious actually has a place directly across the street where you can get your hands this dessert, as well as other choices like matcha and sesame. I couldn’t even get a proper photo myself, because there was a 30 minute wait for fresh churro cones and they were so warm that my ice cream melted before I got out of the door.


Freshly baked churro cone with melted chocolate at the very bottom, 2 scoops of S’mores ice cream, graham cracker crumbs and chocolate syrup doused on top and a graham cracker and toasted marshmallow fluff on top.


Make sure if you get this you had a light dinner, because I was in full blown napping mode in the cab ride home.

10/10 would highly recommend if you want a cute photo to post on your feed and get quality taste to match.


Morgenstern’s Ice Cream

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

After conquering the churro cone, I doubted I’d ever have an ice cream experience that topped it. I mean, how can you beat a cone made out of churros? Well, it turns out you can.

Only TWO days after our expedition to the Lower East Side to try out Chikalicious, we ended up at Stanton Social for dinner and realized that the coveted Morgenstern’s was only a 10 minute walk from where we were. We justified the decision to go with the fact that we would walk off dinner and treat ourselves. If you haven’t heard of the Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream that has literally been posted EVERYWHERE on social media, your last name must be Starr. (Yes, that was a Spongebob reference and yes, I mean you live under a rock like Patrick.)

Be warned, you do not want to go 30 minutes before closing like we did, because you will be riddled with anxiety like I was waiting on the line that ran all the way outside and barely moved. Luckily, the weak were weeded out early and the line got shorter due to people not having the patience to wait any longer. BETTER FOR US.

When you finally get inside, the real anxiety begins. There are literally SO many choices of ice cream that it’s almost overwhelming because you just want one scoop of everything. The choices were also really different and unlike anything I’ve seen before.


From burnt sage, to vanilla bourbon, the choices seemed endless. I wanted everything, but I finally decided on my cone of choice which is photo’d above.


Sugar cone with one scoop Black Coconut Ash (#basic) and one scoop Rose. 

My favorite was the Rose ice cream. It was so rich, so properly made and so damn good. These ice cream flavors are well thought out and gourmet in the sense that they’re full of special ingredients that you truly can’t find anywhere else. I’d say this place is more for people with a richer palette and can appreciate unique flavors.

1000/10 highly recommend and will definitely be back to try other flavors.


In the age of social media, it’s so amazing being able to find little gems like these in New York which back in the day would only be known through word of mouth. If you’re looking for a unique experience, something fun to do or just some really good ice cream this summer, you should definitely check these places out.


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