Review: I Joined The Glossier Cult

The beauty world is constantly growing and changing, with new trends sprouting up on social media faster than flowers in Spring. In recent years, we’ve seen heavy contours come and go, and luckily #InstagramBrows are almost a thing of the past. With 90’s fashion forging a comeback and bushy brows making everyone’s lives so much easier, it seems as though the effortless beauty trend is making its rounds while contour edges near retirement. There seems to be a heavy focus on highlight, with dewy, fresh and minimalistic looks gracing magazines left and right.

Beauty brands are paying attention, and with the socially woke millennial being the mass consumer, they also seem to be leaning towards more organically made cosmetics. If only there was a brand that could bring these two important focuses together while simultaneously being Instagram Worthy…

Oh wait, there is. No wonder there’s a 10,000 person waiting list for Glossier.


It’s no secret that Glossier has become a cult-like phenomenon in the beauty world since its birth in 2014. With sheer, cream based products and an easy 3-step skincare kit, it’s clear that less is more for this beauty line. Company owner Emily Weiss’ message is clear: skin is in.

Former Vogue assistant, Weiss has masterfully combined her editorial platform with her beauty brand. Everything she does is editorial based, and as a creative she has an eye for what looks good. Pink hues and bold font packaging gives the consumer just enough; still drawing them in without being too loud. Glossier is mainly sold online, however there is showroom located on Lafayette street in SoHo where you can try and buy.

I decided to check it out and purchase some products myself to see what all the fuss was about. There is a line that literally runs outside, due to the fact that it is in the penthouse of the building and you need to take an elevator up and down. Once inside, you’re greeted with a duo of adorable set ups that are strategically placed once you walk in, because who wouldn’t want to take pictures in a beach chair surrounded by baby pink everything?


The showroom itself is a room full of testing stations, where employees- conveniently dressed in baby pink overall uniforms- greet you and help you choose your shades and answer all of your questions. There’s also a washing station, sink and all, for you to try the skincare yourself.

It’s split up in 2 sets, Phase 1 (skincare) and Phase 2 (makeup), with a few other products to add to your shopping list.

PHASE ONE: Retail value – $45

You can choose what “flavor” you’d like for your balm, and if you purchase all of the products in the set you get $10 off, which is a steal for all of the products you get, given their value. The moisturizer is very lightweight and perfect for summer, but if you have drier skin, they do have the moisturizer available in Rich. Click here for Phase One!


PHASE TWO: Retail value – $40

Phase two also consists of 3 products: concealer, brow gel, and a lipstick. I was most excited to try the boy brow, because it seems to be the cult favorite. Quality is impressive for the price, although the sizes are small. Generation G lipstick is very sheer, and in order to get some pigment you need to lean towards brighter or darker shades, which isn’t my thing. However, I do think they made perfect for a day when you want to throw something on without overdoing it. I also picked up a Haloscope because, let’s face it: more is always better.

Glossier is unique in that it’s the first line dedicated to simplifying makeup for the every day consumer, as well as catering to those who are want to use natural ingredients. Even the most confused beginner can try the sets and get a decent amount of products for an incredible value. If you want a unique shopping experience in Manhattan and lots of bang for your buck, I’d highly recommend taking a trip down to the Glossier Showroom. From branding, to company morale, to the quality of the product, you can’t beat amazing products that are simple and to the point whilst delivering amazing results.

Have you already been to Glossier? If not, what would you buy if you could? Let me know in the comments!


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