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5 Best Pizza Places In NYC

If New Yorkers had to choose a symbol to represent NYC, it would most likely be a slice of pizza. Home of the 24 hour dollar slice shops and some of the most innovative and delicious pizzas in the world, New York doesn’t play games when it comes to our favorite way to eat carbs. We are constantly at war with Chicago for who has the better pizza, but trust me.. after you eat a slice from any of the following places, you’ll understand that we have Chicago beat by a long shot.

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5 Festive Drinks Ideas You Need This 4th of July

There’s no better time for celebratory eating and drinking than good ole’ Independence Day. It’s one of the many times Americans come together to honor our country using burgers and beers. With the summer heat beaming and the grill cooking up those BBQ staples, it’s important to stay cool and refreshed. From alcohol infused popsicles to summer sangria, we’ve got you covered this Fourth of July.

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